Can you add SmartThings Classic app to Family Hub

SmartThings app I version 2.0.56 on hub, but is version 1.6.36-297 on iPad., so clearly it isn’t the same app. The classic app just works can you please add it to family hub.

The app on the fridge crashes frequently and take around a minute to load when it does. I got about 150 devices in SmartThings.

It won’t unlock doors, long press on tile just results in deleting tile

This is not an official support channel for SmartThings, so I’m afraid you won’t get much traction with your ask here. This is a community run peer to peer support group. Direct it to instead.

That said, Samsung is not putting any significant development effort into classic any more and has said that the future direction is connect, so the ask probably won’t land on a willing ear.

You’re probably better off reporting the crash through the support channels.

Do you mean the family hub for refrigerators?


All they offer on the appliance form is to do a reset of the family hub… it didn’t work from the beginning so won’t solve anything.