Can we tap into (or approximate) Alexa's 'Notifications' Regime?

When I have an order arriving on a given day, Alexa will get notified, and let me know that I have a notification waiting (flashing yellow ring, etc).

Is there any way of accessing that service to post our own notifications to it so that they show up the same way?

If not, does anyone have any cool ideas for how to approximate such a service through the use of webCoRE, Echo Speaks, Colored Lights, Simulated Switches, etc?

You can use the ‘Notify Me’ skill and then post the message via webCore.

Like this:

I’ve copied this and pasted in my accessCode and I can’t get it to work. I’ve tested via curl and I know my code is good and Pi-hole isn’t blocking the calls so I’m kind of at a loss. Is there some syntax I’m messing up somewhere?

I just checked and mine still works, and I can’t see anything wrong with your code.

Have you tried it with another trigger? Or what if you enable full trace? Does it give you any additional information?

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Thanks. I got some pointers on the webCoRE forum and it’s sorted. :+1:t2: