Amazon opens up 3rd party skills to notifcations

Time for the AskAlexa and Echosistent guys to get to work!



once they bring voice ID out, this will be awesome. Time to start developing skills

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I actually don’t see the ability to have a skill send a notification yet…but am chomping at the bit to get it!

I actually activated the Life 360 skill and it works well with notifications.

But you still have to ask the device what your notifications are.

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Yup. Baby steps!

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Yep…and speaking to my Amazon contacts, this news posting is actually old…I have had notifcations for deliveries enabled for months…there are not yet any PUBLIC tools to do the notification…“yet” is the key word. The Life360 skill is new and is working…

So did life 360 and the others get early access to the tools to enable this?

Yes…they were ‘partners’ with Amazon and got early access to tools.


And once again another feature that appears not to work in the UK. Really Amazon should market the echo and the dot under another name in the UK as they are so crippled they are practically different devices.

there are not yet any PUBLIC tools to do the notification

Well, there is now, as long as you’re only sending notifications to yourself. I just posted about this in another thread:

Very interesting…

I thought the new announce skill would send notifications through Alexa’s voice to all Echo devices…

I got excited because I have a tablet running Lannouncer that I have right next to a Dot in my network closet. I can invoke her to do thing by sending TTS to the Dot. With the announce skill, I was hoping to take it a little further. But so far all I can get her to do is repeat what I said which is in my voice…

All this just for something that they should just give us!! Getting closer I guess…

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