Alexa reminders

I didn’t know where else to look for this. Is there an alternate solution to the reminder in Alexa? I hate that it only reminds you twice. Like a skill or something?

You can set up your own reminders with Webcore and Echo Speaks

Thank you, this app is awesome. I’ve needed something like this but the other one i found required me to provide credit card info which i refused. Now I can make Alexa announce ghings.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it really solves my issue. It’s a little impractical to go into webcore to manually set up a reminder every time I need one. Unless there is something I’m missing?

What kind of reminders are you looking for?

Basically I want the alarm and reminder in Alexa mixed in one. I want to set the alarm/Reminder for whatever time/date and have Alexa announce the actual subject of the alarm at said time, but repeat the announcements until I cancel it, or at least 5-10 times.

Then maybe make a feature request to Amazon. This is the smartthings forum. Not the Alexa forum.

Despite the most recent useless remark, I did end up figuring out a solution.

With alexa’s Gmail skill, smartthings gcal, alexa speak, and a webcore script I’m getting exactly what I needed. Thanks bboy486 for the initial direction. I don’t see how to copy code so I just uploaded an image of the code…not that it’s difficult to do, but a quick insight. I made an alexa routine and virtual switch to cancel by voice. Im going to add a presence code to push the notification back if im not home. Is there any code available that can actually edit calendar events?