Can uploaded device image change with presence status?

I have 2 iPhones as presence sensors in my mobile app. Both were indicating at a glance whether they were present or not, but they were identical so I couldn’t tell them apart without going further into the app. So I changed the images to an icon, a different color for each phone. Is there a way to make the appearance of the image change (gray out, etc.) on change of status, or possibly display another image? I’m new to all this… I prefer not to create a new device type but I will if that will accomplish this. Thanks

There is a little icon lower right that is Blue if present and grayed out if not.

Ah, I see it now… I wasn’t seeing the difference between the gray of unoccupied and the light blue of occupied. Thanks.

If you want to make it painfully obvious who is/isn’t present there is Timely Pesence. You can turn off the time too if you just want presence.