Timely Presence 1.0.1 Released

Timely Presence is now live, this Smartthings smartapp/webapp displays the current local time and the presence of the members of the house as the background. Images change from greyscale to color indicating presence. 12/24 hr time is supported and so is no time/presence only.

Support for this device\app is by donation only:


Pretty cool. I can’t say I have a use for it since I know who’s home with me or use SmartTiles.click for that already, but still cool.

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Yeah smarttiles is great if you want to see and interact with just about everything and i have no desire to replace it :). I wrote this cause i have a couple old iPhones and iPod touches laying around and i wanted to turn them into clocks. I wanted something simple and personal, so out spewed this app. Now all the clocks in my home are old iOS devices. Some run timely presence and others run another webapp i wrote that is just time and random wallpapers, kinda like Weather Panel but for time. oddly enough they manage to use less power too but like 1w. It’s not much but i’ll take it :wink:

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Timely Presence has been updated to version 1.0.1
New in this version: Added dynamic API URL, this will ensure the app will continue to work after infrastructure changes that will be rolled out in early-to-mid September 2015.

*** This is a MUST HAVE update ***