Android 2.0.7 presence sensors don't display

I was checking on a presence sensor and found that all my sensor’s are failing to display correctly.
The look like this. Just a large empty blue circle.

Do I need to update my device code to a newer version ?

@Ron If you’re using ST’s default device type, there’s no code to update. I use images for all of my sensors, so I can’t remember if this is normal or not. If I remember right, it’s either an empty circle or a blue circle. It’s been too long for me to remember. What did it look like the last time you checked it?

I am pretty sure it used to say present or not in the circle. The text is gone. However I don’t look at the full page that often so perhaps I am wrong. This is the same circle that is displayed for the things page and that still has text so seem to fail to write in the larger 2x2 tile but not the tiny tile on the things page.

Not a big deal just found it difficult to determine the state from the main page.

How long has it looked like that? Mine generally do that when first added and then straighten out after a bit