Changing Presence sensor icons?

Is there a way to change presence sensor icons and DH status handling?

I’d like to create a DH that tracks sleep status (user in bed / out of bed).
This could be via a virtual switch, virtual contact etc, primarily activated via good morning/good night routines. This would be up to each user.

I already added a switch tile to a presence sensor DH.
But what I’d love to do is:
If user present (awake) display standard present tile
If user is present and sleep/wake virtual switch is ON (user sleeping) display” present sleeping” tile dark blue, and bed iron replaces user present icon.

If user away, display away tile regardless of sleep status (I’d have a webcore routine setup to automatically switch user to awake if not done, upon user presence change to Away.


What I’d like to do:

This is what it currently looks like. The modification I made to the DTH added capibility switch. So one DH tracks both.

I’m not looking for a new capability.
The DH will still have presence and switch capibilities separately. I just want main tile to custom display a 3rd option based on conditions 2 conditions within the DH

This is the current display of the DH:

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