Can the new Rules engine send emails?

Does anyone know if the new API or Routine Creator will allow us to send email notifications within SmartThings?

I have not seen that functionality in Rules API. can do it with their Rule engine, though.


Thanks, it really doesn’t make sense to me that they won’t incorporate that, it is so helpful.

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where were you using it before? webcore?

Yep, it’s been great. I tried SharpTools but it doesn’t offer as many options.

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Is there a specific feature you’re looking for?

Hey Josh, we really need to be able to send email notifications for a group of devices, rather than needing to create a different rule for every device. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Am I understanding correctly that you want to select multiple of devices as ‘set’ / ‘group’ and then send a single notification about that set of devices?

Can you share more details on the use-case and how you would want to use the set? Would you want the individual status or you’re looking for some sort of aggregate status?

Sure, so for example I need to keep track of battery levels of devices, and when any of them get below 25% WebCoRE sends an email. So I don’t need to replicate the rule for each device. Does that make sense?

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So in that case, you are creating a ‘set’ of devices as the trigger, then if any of them fall below the 25% level, the system sends a notification for just that one device with its name so you know it has a low battery?

You got it! Same with down status. We really need email alerts, since within app or sms messages are not as easy to follow up with.

You can use Context Variables in SharpTools Rules to include information about the event that triggered the rule in your notifications.

In this case, if any of the three trigger devices battery level changes and is less than 25%, then a notification will be sent like:

Battery level for Aeon Multisensor is below 25%
The battery level for Aeon Multisensor is reported as 24%

There’s also a feature request open to select multiple devices in a single drop-down for faster rule creation if you want to cast a vote on it!


Thanks Josh, I have been playing again for the last few hours. I will email you. Thanks again!