Can the Aeotech Multisensor 6 report the humidity to Alexa?

I am trying to get the Aeotech multisensor 6 to tell Alexa the relative humidity of the device. So far I have successfully gotten SmartThings to show the statuses of all of the built in sensors. Plus I have gotten Alexa to correctly respond when I asked for the temperature of the sensor. However, when I say, “Alexa, what is the relative humidity of inside storage?”, it always says, “Hmm, I’m not sure.” Inside storage by the way is the name of my sensor.

Can anyone provide some advice about how to get the MultiSensor to provide the humidity level to Alexa?

Alexa doesn’t support that function natively yet. You’ll have to have a custom skill /smart app combo such as Ask Alexa (search this site for ask Alexa and it will pop right up)

Then you can setup a custom report. And say something to the effect of… ‘Alexa, ask SmartThings about the [SENSOR NAME]’ And get a response like you’re asking for.

Alternatively, just wait. Amazon is adding new features. To Alexa every day and I’m sure the ability to read back a RH will eventually show up.

Just tried asking for humidity and the response today is ”that’s not supported, yet"

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Thank you for the quick reply. I just spent most of the morning playing with askAlexa and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth the trouble of setting it up. It’s easier for SmartThings to send me a message saying the relative humidity in the storage room is too high.