Aeotec aërQ Humidity and Alexa

I have the aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor which now works out of the box with the type Z-Wave Mold Detection. ST sees temperature and humidity. However, Alexa can only see temperature with this sensor.

Am I correct in understanding that Alexa cannot report any type of humidity and that there is no way around this?

That is correct.

and that there is no way around this?

The only way around for now is to use a smartthings routine (not an Alexa routine) to set a virtual switch at a specific target point and then you can ask Alexa if that switch is on or off. Or have Alexa notify you.

That’s OK if there’s just a specific threshold that you want to check for, like over 65%, but it’s less convenient if you need to check more than one target point.

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