Can’t Complete Aqara M2 Binding

I’m having trouble completing my Aqara M2 to SmartThings binding. I had it set up once and things were working swimmingly until the M2 had a firmware update. My Aqara went offline in the SmartThings app and upon checking the Aqara native app, it appeared to be online. Thus, I decided to remove the Aqara hub from SmartThings to set it up over again. I’ve gone through multiple power cycles, I did a reset on the Aqara hub and still having issues. It takes a couple of tries to get it added to my iCloud (through SmartThings), then proceeds to connect to the Aqara devices. Where it is failing now is the registration part to my Samsung account. Any idea on what I should do?

I land on the “Something went wrong” page with error code 39-517