Can ST integrate GSM 3G/4G Security Alarm System - Fortress Security Store

Wondering about integration between ST with Fortress Security hub. This could solve the problem with no internet without dumping money for a router backup. The idea is allow security be handle by Fortress and controlled by ST when internet is available.
Below is the link to questionable system.

Unfortunately, no integration is possible, that is a 433MHz System using a proprietary encryption. It is not extendable and there is no open API.

There are a number of communuty members that have done different kinds of security system integrations. If you’d like to read about some of those, check out the quick browse list for security in the project report section of the community – created wiki. some of these use an older device, the thingshield, which is no longer being made, but there are some newer substitutions.

The simplest integration is with simplisafe, as this is a cloud to cloud integration and does not require any additional “man in the middle” Devices. It’s on that same list in the wiki. There are a number of other possibilities.

None, however, provide a fully integrated system, they just pass some limited information back-and-forth. In addition, any security system that has an IFTTT channel/service can share some limited information with SmartThings that way.

See my other thread Fortress S03 S6 where I created a gateway so that an alarm from Fortress will activate a ST door sensor to act like a ST Security alarm so you can turn on lights, etc.