ST with Fortress window sensor?

Picked up some of these.

Fortress Security Store Window & Door Contact Sensor for S02 or GSM DIY Home Alarm Systems. Has anyone paired them yet.

Unfortunately, those will not work with SmartThings, as they are not the correct frequency.

Wireless Receiving Frequency: 433MHz±0.5MHz

The following FAQ explains what devices will work with SmartThings:

Previous discussion thread:

Yikes, OK. Thanks

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I was able to use some Fortress contact sensors that I had laying around by connecting them to my Hook Hub (which is integrated with my SmartThings hub) via the sensors option (Beta, and only visible from the desktop login). Unfortunately though, the Hook device handler doesn’t support sensors, so i had to relay them to a Simulated Contact Sensor through IFTTT. But so far it works pretty well…

Figured I’d post up for anyone in the same Fortress boat… Or Ironclad, if you will.

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