Fortress Security Systems Partial Integration - S03 and S6 Titan

Systems have WiFi, S6 has Cellular GSM, and both have landline options.

Nice system and already integrates with Alexa to arm/disarm system.

I will look into some type of integration solution.

After a bit of research, I have figured out how to at least get the Console to send an Alarm to ST. It has a 3.5mm phono plug that drives an external siren with 5v. I used an audio cable ($5) with 3.5mm mono jack, small plastic project box ($5), relay with 5vdc coil ($5.50), and a Visonic MCT-340E magnetic sensor ($15 from I connected the wires from the audio cable plugged into the Console’s External Siren Jack to the +5v and - pins on the relay board and strapped a short piece of wire between the +5v and S(ignal) pins (so it provides power to the coil and trips the signal when 5v is applied from the console). I soldered wires on either side of the reed switch in the Visonic and connected them to the NC and COM terminals on the relay board.

When the console alarms, the relay receives the 5v from the siren output and energizes the relay that triggers the Visonic to report ‘open’ to ST. I named the sensor ‘Security Alarm’. You can then select various responses to the open status (I have several lights connected via TP-Link/Kasa Outlets to turn on). If you don’t want to open the Visonic and solder wires, you can get the EcoLink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO sensor for $29 on AMZ which has screw terminals for external contact wires so no soldering needed. Relay is a Tolako 5v Relay Module for Arduino $5.50 on AMZ. This will work for both the S6 Titan and the S03 consoles as both have the 3.5mm plug for siren.


Use ST Classic App to pair Visonic Sensor (new App doesn’t work but sees it once paired with Classic).

The Fortress Console sends out a quick 5v pulse to external siren and causes all wireless sirens to beep 4 times during Arm/Disarm (when using the key fob). This will trip the sensor and set off any lights you have programmed to come on. To avoid this, Set two automations to Arm ST after the usual or auto time you arm the Fortress and Disarm ST before the usual or auto time you disarm the Fortress if using the key fob to arm/disarm. No 5v on the external if you arm/disarm using auto time or the console key pad.

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