Can recessed downlight LEDs be controlled with smart dimmers?

Can recessed downlight LEDs like the one below be controlled with smart dimmers (I’m using Enbrighten zigbee dimmers)? I’m so out of it I didn’t even know these existed.

I don’t see why not. How well they dim without flickering, shutting off early, etc. though varies a lot by the bulb/fixture. So you may want to test on a smaller circuit first before you go all in putting them all over your house.


As @prjct92eh2 noted, in most cases, yes. :sunglasses:

From the spec sheet:

Triac dimmable down to 5%. Compatible with most major brands of dimmers.

You do have to look at the total load on the switch.

Also, at least one of the models that you linked to offers three different color temperatures, but it’s not a smart bulb: you have to set a slider switch on the bulb itself. So once you’ve picked a color temperature you can’t change it again without physically accessing the bulb. It’s not network-changeable.

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Agree with @prjct92eh2, you’re going to have to try them out.

I have LED recessed lights thru most of the house (built new in 2018). Zooz ZEN27 and GE Zigbee 3.0 dimmers work with my lights but GE Enbrighten 2.0 Z-wave dimmers did not.

The color temperature switch got my attention until I saw that they do 3k, 4k, and 5k. We did all 3k ceiling lights and the WAF isn’t so good. She’d like 2700k. Probably 3 dozen fixtures. Sigh.

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waht’s great is that recessed lighting can be easily connected to other home devices by installing a LBrands Aces that has connectivity capabilities- aka a Smart or connected dimmer.