Help with Recessed Lighting

I’m looking to install recessed lighting and could use some advice. This will be a new install, so there are no existing switches or wiring. My plan is to control it all with the SmartThings hub to make the installation easier.

I’d like to use these lights.

My question is what sort of controller or junction box should I use between the lights and the power? I’ve seen this but I read that Insteon and SmartThings don’t work together.

So, any help in figuring out the best way to get automated recessed lighting would be much appreciated!



Are you not planning on adding any wall switches?

No. But the more I think about it the more I think that’s a bad idea, heh. So I guess just a connected dimmer switch will do the trick.



I recommend the aotech micro smart switch.


I would consider adding switches for resale value at a minimum.

Would recommend this Leviton if you’re looking at dimmers.

Fairly certain you’ll need switches to pass inspection.

Also, if it’s new construction, look into brands that serve electrical supply stores. You can get higher CRI lights and Warm to Dim options from Juno I believe. These retrofit kits will still require a standard can install.

But, if you want to go with Lowes/retrofit options, I’d recommend the Sunset Effects line — it gets warmer as you dim like a traditional bulb.

Lowes #65060