Can non secure aux switch control a secure switch

Must the secure setting between the main z-wave switch and its respective aux switch running on the same secure level? I have one 3-way switch setup between two different brands (Inovelli Red Series and Evolve LTM-5) without issue. I can turn on and off the Inovelli red series switch from the Evolve aux switch. In this case, the Inovelli red was added to my SM hub in non-secure mode.
Earlier today, I added my 2nd Inovelli Red to SM hub in secure mode, and try to associate Evolve as its Aux switch (evolve doesn’t support secure mode). It is not work on my second 3-way switch.

AFAIK, direct association requires the devices to be at the same security level. The problem with the new app is that it doesn’t give you a choice as to security level.


Z wave direct association requires that they be at the same security level.

If you are just using a smartthings “mirror“ function of the official smartlighting feature, the two switches can be anything you like, even one zigbee and one Z wave. But then your network has to be functioning in order for the auxiliary to work.

And of course devices which use a physical traveler wire between the auxiliary and the master will work regardless of security level.

So it depends on the exact method you are using to create the three-way.

Is there a way to add Inovelli red into ST as non-secure (S0)?