Can modifying fanSpeed capability range to 3 speed pass WWST certificate?

Hi SmartThings support team,

Based on the discussion here, I changed the fanSpeed range to 0~3 or 1~3 successfully.

Your support team member mentioned modifying fanSpeed below default 4 speed may not influence the WWST certificate.

But we have waited her checking for over 10 days so far. Could you please confirm this modification can pass WWST certificate? Because someday we or our customers will publish their SmartThings projects.

You mentioned in document Devices with custom Capabilities are not supported by the Works with SmartThings certification program at this time. That’s why we would like to make sure our modification can pass WWST certificate.

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Hi, @exosite.
Sorry for the delay, I already passed your question to the corresponding team and they are reviewing your case, please bear with us. I’ll let you know as soon as I get their feedback.

Hi, @exosite

Good news, I talked to the certification team and they mentioned changing the speed range to one inside the standards (0-4) can be accepted for the WWST certification. So, you’re good in that case.

Hi, @nayelyz

Thanks for your help!

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