One Presence Sensor Associated with Two Hubs

I have two hubs, one at home and the other at work. I want to associate one SmartSense Presence Device on my keyring to both hubs, so that I can trigger presence-related SmartApps at both locations with the one fob.

The problem is that I can’t seem to keep the first association when I try to associate the presence sensor to the second hub. When I look at the Activity Feed of the presence sensor in the Android App, the last entry reads, " has been joined to another hub and will not continue to function properly."

Is there a way around this? Perhaps via the developer graph.api portal? I tried copying the Zigbee Id and Device Network Id to the first configured SmartSense device, but that didn’t make it active again.

Thanks for any advice.

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It can only be one hub at a time. Mobile presence however can be on multiple locations.

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Is this a limit of the protocol itself not allowing the same device to be paired with multiple networks? …because it is a great request. I can think of a few uses for this.

Limit in the protocol.

Trying to think of ways around it.

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Much appreciated for looking into it creatively. I used to be happy with my smartphone being my presence sensor, but after the last Android update (Verizon Samsung S3), the presence detection is very inaccurate, and it seems that every hour or so, SmartThings seems to think I’ve left and immediately arrived back after a few seconds - so the SmartApps that are triggered by my absence/presence do their thing about every hour.

That’s when I decided to buy the FOB, thinking it would be more accurate, but I don’t want to have to buy and carry around two of them. I can’t be the only geek to have an ST hub at two locations? Thanks again.

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I know it’s not been long since the last reply but… any updates? I am looking into buying a second hub for my parents’ home and this would be a great thing to solve for me…

I did think about the mobile presence concept to get around this but it isn’t all that precise I’m afraid… :crying_cat_face:


I don’t think there is ay way around using the fob with two hubs in the present form since it is Zigbee and that is the limiting factor (zwave as well, for that matter - only one pairing possible). However, I think if they were to come up with a low power bluetooth fob, that might work. Not 00% sure on the protocol, but I think the LE protocol can pair with multiple devices. That, in combination with Hub v2 might allow this to occur.