Can I get a low battery alert from my Kwikset deadbolt?

Can I setup smartthings to send me a low battery alert from my Kwikset zwave deadbolt?

any ideas? I was hoping there would be a way to accomplish this. I know they say the batteries last for a while but It would be nice to know when they are getting low.

You would use a SmartApp to set this up. There might already be a SmartApp out there to accomplish this, but unfortunately there isn’t an easily searchable database yet (I really hope they’re working on one). You could write one or you could try looking at the Shared SmartApps in the IDE. Have you been in the IDE yet?

When you look at the device in the ST app in the things section, does it show battery %. If the current device type supports battery level, then it should be easy.

There is a low battery notification option. It’s in a weird spot, under the hello home setup

Thanks for the replies!

it does show the battery level on the device in the “things” view.

can you give a little more detail on where to find the low battery notification? where in the hello home setup is it?

This is in android, not sure if it differs in IOS

From the app home, hit the “speech” button in the upper right corner which brings up hello home
Click the gear icon in the bottom left
Down at the bottom, you have an automatic notifications section, which has low battery warnings

For more control, there is a battery monitor app, but that has to be installed from the IDE
It’s shared under convenience and it’s called Low Battery Notification

awesome - thanks the quick reply! I found and enabled the low battery notification in hello home.

I have gone into the IDE ( but I cant seem to find where to add apps in there. I see where I can create one but I don’t see a place to add an existing one

You have to start like you are going to build one from scratch (using from form) then copy in the code

There’s a link here to a quick tutorial @chrisb created on installing published smartapps

awesome - thank you! :smile:

I too have a Kwikset Smartcode series lock that has no battery indicator on the listed device in the ST app. Will adding a custom smartapp for battery monitoring have any effect if the device listing in ST has no battery level capability/indicator?

It would have to have the battery capability. There is a chance it has the capability, but not the tile. I don’t know anything specific about the lock to say for certain, but you can check the device in the IDE and see if it is reporting a battery %. If not, then you’ll need a device type that includes the battery capability

I have a Kwikset Smartcode series lock (910) and the battery is reported. Which specific lock are you using?

When the device was first added to SmartThings, it reported -- for the battery. After a while, it started showing the actual battery value.

Many thanks to you both for the replies, my behavior now looks exactly like the screenshot @joshua_lyon posted. (It took mine a couple weeks to finally display for anyone else with issue)

Thanks again~