App to monitor low battery?

I have dozens of battery-powered devices at home and since WebCore is down I’m looking for ways to get notifications on low-battery devices.
Any suggestion?

In create Routine


Select the required device

Select the Battery option

Input your desired level


Select the option for notification

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The app gives you automatic notifications when batteries get low. I am not sure at what % but it might be 10%.

Certain devices like smoke detectors I set up automations like @fido suggested so that I can replace the batteries before they start chirping in the middle of the night.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I have like 30 battery-powered devices, creating one rule for each seems to much.

I forgot completely that I deactivated that long time ago, this should work. Thanks!

You can select multiple devices in 1 routine but glad your sorted

If you have paid subscription of Sharptools, you can do that with just single routine using context variables.

Like @Paul_Oliver said, the app gives you a notification. However this is at 10%. I don’t like wasting battery’s. Would be great if the percentage was lower or better yet, adjustable.

Perhaps it’s too early in the morning, but for the life of me I can’t figure out which app this is. I don’t see anything like this in the SmartThings app?

The screen shot was from the top of my favorites page in the ST App. It only shows up if you have a low battery.

In the favorites screen, click on the 3 dots, then select the last option Show status information (or a similar name I have the app in Spanish) and activate it.