Ring Doorbell and battery notification?

I am trying to set up a notification, so when the battery is running low I get a notification through ST. I’ve look and I can’t find anything, unless I’ve missed.
Can anyone help me out with this!?

Does your device show battery usage in the ST app, cause mine does not?

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Yeh mine does when I click on it. But I don’t want to keep having to go in and find out. Want it be able to set something up so when it gets to 20% I get a notification

Ok, so your device handler does support the battery status… what smartapp are you trying to use to get the low battery notice… there are several?

Just SmartThings that’s all

By default, there is nothing to setup. ST will automagically send you a push notice on low batteries. If you’ld like to customize it in any way you need to add a smartapp.