Low Battery Alerts

I was emailing ST support and they mentioned that ST has a built in low battery alert, which I did not know about and so I thought I would share.

…they fire off at 15% again at 5% and again at 1%

The values are not currently configurable.

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I’ve never been alerted the dozen or so times I’ve been shocked that my Kwikset locks were completely dead.

Do you know if your Kwikset locks have the battery capability in its device type? One way to check is to see if it has a battery tile.

My bedroom handle lock does report 60%, while my front door deadbolt reports nothing at all. This COULD be due to the fact I am using custom device types since the default ones do not allow you to set codes – a huge oversight.

Since you are already using a custom device type, I would try adding the battery capability.

If I’m using the same device type for both locks, I would suspect that normally I have battery capacity under my ST Android app – it’s just not showing up right now.

Hmm, interesting. I don’t know what to say other than the two locks might report their battery statuses differently.

I’ve created a SmartApp that you can get alerts at whatever battery percentage you want. I want to get my alert around 30-40% so I’m not needing to rush in replacing the battery.

Hope this can by of use to someone.



Thank you for taking the time to create this… I have it installed but my battery life is still at 99% so I haven’t tested it out… Thank you though !

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