Can I get a automated pop-up if I want to turn something on?


WHEN I come home and IF location is set as away THEN Location to home, turn off SmartThings Home monitor, turn on sattelite receiver (takes long) and turn on the Nest Thermostat.

I have a Virtual Switch to go between Heating and eco (22 and 15 degrees celsius), but is there a way that when I come home it will only turn on when I want to?
When it 20 outside, it doesn’t have to turn on, or when I know I’m only home for a few minutes neither.

If I would get a pop-up that would allow me to turn on or do nothing that would be great?

I may be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a native smartthings feature which does this. You might be able to get a text notification and create a widget but it’s going to be a little complicated. and not an all in one option.

What kind of phone do you have? The third-party options are going to vary depending on the operating system of the phone.

@joshua_lyon may know if there’s a way to do this with SharpTools on android.

On an iOS phone, you could definitely use pushcut for this, but the trick is getting it back into smartthings. :thinking: you can always use a Meross power strip, which is visible in both HomeKit and smartthings, as a proxy for a virtual switch to tie the two platforms together, but while each step is straightforward, it would be several steps to set it up.

So I think it may be doable, but the exact details of the set up will depend on your phone and whether you’re willing to use some third-party options.

Tagging @Automated_House in case he has any other ideas.

Unfortunately There’s no interactive app notification functionality in smartthings. I think Home Assistant can do this, but I’m not aware of any others.

If you have a Samsung galaxy phone I believe you can do this using Bixby routines.

If location HOME (based on phone on ST device)
Then select advanced options and select “confirm before next action”
Select control device and select thermostat

I just started playing with this so not 100% sure how well it works


I have a Iphone / IOS. So android options are out for me. I don’t mind using a third party.

If all else fails I could always use a smart button near my entrance to turn it on/off but I would prefer a pop-up on my phone and just do 1 click to turn it on as soon as I come home again.

Ok, i’m sure there are multiple ways to do this. This is the method I use. It will require a third-party app, pushcut, and you will have to have a dedicated device which is visible to both smartthings and HomeKit.

A DEVICE That is visible to HomeKit and smartthings at the same time

I like inexpensive Meross WiFi smart plugs for this. They sell a two pack which is normally $23, and on the day of this post there was a coupon on the page for an extra three dollars off. They are reliable, they have good safety certifications, they can handle up to 15 A, and they work well with both HomeKit and smartthings at the same time. There is a manufacturer provided SmartThings integration, so no custom code is required.

They also have a four socket power strip for $40, often on sale for 35, which we use at our house as a presence proxy. We have one outlet stand for each household member and as we come and go, we use HomeKit to turn it on and off and then that’s visible in smartthings so we can trigger automations from it. I like this because it only takes up one wall socket. We also use it as a USB charger, although we don’t have that automated. So that’s just another option if you need more than one device of this type.

HOMEKIT AUTOMATIONS require a HomeKit hub

If you don’t already have HomeKit set up, you will need something to act as a hub. It can be an iPad which is always plugged in at home, an Apple TV 4, or a HomePod mini. If you don’t already have one of those, I recommend the $99 HomePod mini, which is Apple‘s smart speaker.

Amazon doesn’t carry it because it’s an echo dot competitor, but you can get it at Best Buy, Apple, or sometimes Target.

It’s $99 at Apple or target and $99.99 at Best Buy, but of course you may belong to a discount program that affects your store selection as well. Otherwise it doesn’t matter where you buy it.

A THIRD PARTY APP to create “smart notifications“

“Smart notifications “ are ones that pop up and then give you a choice of what you want to do next. Which is pretty cool. Here’s an example of one that a blogger uses when his front door has been left open for more than five minutes,

He’ll get the notification and then he can either choose to call his wife if she’s home and he’s not, or open the Home app so he can check his cameras and see what’s going on.

Or of course you can use it for use case like yours.

I think by far the most popular app for creating these is Pushcut. There’s a free level which might be all you need or you can pay about two dollars a month or a one time lifetime subscription of about $40. It’s a very powerful app with a lot of options and I’ve been using it for over a year and like it a lot.

The name comes from a push notification that lets you run a HomeKit shortcut, which is exactly what you want to do.

Putting it altogether

That blogger I mentioned, Shane Whatley, has a HomeKit YouTube channel with a lot of videos I really like. He has an excellent one on setting up Pushcut, so I’ll just link to that.

So, you would create a Pushcut smart notification based on whatever triggers you want, but your action is going to be to turn on a Meross smart plug, or whatever other dual platform device you chose. Then when you get the notification on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can choose whether you want to turn the Meross Smart plug on.

Then just create a smartthings routine so that when that meross smart plug turns on, whatever else you want to have happens, happens. And make sure you turn the plug off again so it’s available for next time. (If you’re using it as a proxy for presence, you can turn it on when you arrive home and off when you leave.)

So in your case, the Meross plug turning on would just be set to turn on your virtual switch. Or you might even be able to use the meross plug instead of the virtual switch, it depends on if you’re using it for anything else.

Once you have this setup complete, you’d be able to use it for lots of other smart notifications as well, although again you might have to use another Meross smartplug as a go-between if there’s a lot of logic you want to run on the smartthings side before you send the smart notification. Or if you need to evaluate devices which are not visible to HomeKit.

So, as I said, each step is pretty straightforward, but there’s definitely extra work compared to a feature that was just built into smartthings. But unfortunately, it sounds like that feature is only available for Samsung phones that run Bixby routines. :thinking:



@JDRoberts Very complete! Thanks a lot, sounds like something I can do so I’ll look into it when I got a free weekend (truckdriver and motorcycle racing takes up most of my time). And look for something in the Netherlands but I know what to look for great!

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Meross is also available in the Netherlands.

They have two different model lines. One is a little bit less expensive and does not work with HomeKit. For this method you need the one that also works with HomeKit.