Prompt a dialog box to take action

Is there a way that when you leave your home, your phone would be prompted with a dialog box that so that you can choose an action?

For example, when we (the 2 adults) leave the house, we can do several actions at home. Sometimes, we leave the kids at home with a nanny, and would not like to set the thermostat or turn off certain lights. Is there a way that I if I leave home I would get a prompt saying “do you want to set the thermostat to away, yes or no” or “do you want to turn off kids bedroom light”

I am on Android, so maybe a combination of Tasker, SharpTools or anything else.

I know there’s some stuff coming down the pipe for that with Hub V2. It miiiight be a premium feature though I’m not sure. Can’t speak for Tasker and SharpTools, you guys are lucky there. I wish iOS were cooler. :sleepy:

@rey_rios you can definitely do this with Tasker + SharpTools. I guess it depends a bit on what you want to use as your trigger for leaving the home though… were you thinking about using one of the presence devices from SmartThings or triggering based on something else (GeoFence, WiFi, etc)?

Let’s say you are using AutoLocation with a geo-fence around your home, you would setup the Tasker profile based on your device leaving the geofence, then in your task you could use the action Alert > Notify and configure the “Action” buttons with up to three different options using SharpTools to control your things.

Using your example of prompting to set the thermostat of turn off the lights, here’s a screenshot doing this as one notification with two action buttons:

From Tasker:

  1. Profile: New ‘+’ > Event > Plugin > Autolocation > Geofences: Home, Outside
  2. Action: Alert > Notify
  • Title: Left Home
  • Text: Adjust your thermostat/lights?
  • Actions: Create two actions, set their names, and choose your icons
  1. For each action you create in Notify, you would use Plugins > SharpTools > A Thing

Not to derail the topic, but a “smart home” should be smart enough to realize that the home is occupied even if some key people leave. Sounds like the home should go into (occupied but key people not home) mode rather than (away). Perhaps there is an app already which does this?

I don’t have a solution here, just suggesting that there may be one other than “home not sure what to do, engage human with prompt”

I agree but the reality is not that easy. For example, I could have motion sensors, but I would have to have them in many places to really evaluate if someone is still at home.

But we also have a dog, that could trigger motion, when in reality it is not a person.

Even if I could implant a device on my two kids (not that I would do that) then what if my parents are visiting and we go out? Sensing people in a home is not that simple.

Very cool. I need to give it a try. Thanks

[quote=“rey_rios, post:5, topic:16559”]
Even if I could implant a device on my two kids (not that I would do that) then what if my parents are visiting and we go out?
[/quote]It sounds like the automated state for the home when you all leave isn’t “away” - it’s some intermediate state. Then you could put your home into away, or guest, or nanny, or whatever. The intermediate state doesn’t do all the aggressive changes (like turn off lights, put thermostat into away) - but does some.

Heck, just getting a push notification when you enter the “left” mode would allow you to get a buzz on the phone, and from the notification open the app and change modes.

Thanks for the tutorial! I ended up creating a rule, if I disconnect from my home wifi, wait 15 minutes and then prompt for the modes actions. Works great!

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