Can I define the capability display order(detailView) in ST app?

First of all, sorry that I’m a noob here, so I’m aware that this could be an inappropriate question.
And this question is not about custom capabilities or migrating from classic ST, but just a simple question on ST schema.

I’m wondering that, does the order of capabilities defined in the device profile is preserved and equally reflected in the ST app?

It seems that ST app arbitrarily, but consistently arranges the order of capabilities in a different way as I’ve defined.
For example, if I define capabilities array in the device profile by the order of switch, switchLevel, audioMute, etc., ST app always renders those capabilities in the order of switch, audioMute, switchLevel, etc.
I’ve also checked that the order defined in the detailView array of device presentation is identical to the order defined in the device profile.

Frankly speaking, I’m not sure that the order of detailView array element itself reflects the order of capabilities to be displayed.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Is there any other option to define the order of each capability?
I’ve read some articles including the following link, but unfortunately, still cannot solve or find an answer to my questions.

try going into the room of the device(s) and order arrange them there and save.

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Thank you for your quick reply!

But I’m not going to ordering devices in the room, but I would like to change the order of capabilities of single device displayed in the control page(detailView).
In ST app, I couldn’t find an option for re-arranging capability order: Only provide changing nickname, room stuff.

Sorry if I misunderstood your answer :frowning:

ah, those are limited, but they might add that going forward. you might want to let them know as a request.

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Okay I understand, thank you for your reply!

you may also want to post in the first thread you linked above in your first post. I believe I saw that question asked before but I can’t remember. Also, you may get more responses in that thread.

Oh… Actually, I’ve previously posted same question in the reply first link.
But after thinking that think there could not be a good place to ask, I’ve deleted that reply ( Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview ) and create this thread.

Maybe what you saw could be that reply. Sorry for make you confusing :frowning:

Yes it does. It follows the order you define. However as you’ve noticed, when you generate a configuration from a DTH, it places then in random order. It’s for you to reorder them and generate a VID.
A quick word of advice here, get the order right and then generate the VID. Once the VID generated the ordering if fixed. If you just change the order and try to regenerate the VID, you’ll get the same VID back (because the VID is a hash of the configuration file, irrespective of the order within the file) and consequently the order has been fixed for that VID.
You’ll have to make a configuration change to the configuration file for a new VID (and consequently the order as of the moment the VID was generated) to be generated.


Thank you very much for your precious answer!
Your answer below actually works like a charm :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve checked your reply earlier than now.
But since I don’t have much knowledge about this concepts(even for a meaning of keyword VID), I’ve spent some time understanding the meaning your answer and do some trial and error.

I think your answer was the exact solution for my problems.
Thank you very much! XD

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