Can I control the LED light on Fibaro Motion Sensor?

Does anyone know if I have access to control the LED light with an Automaiton on a Fibaro Motion sensor in the new SmartThings app?

I want to make the LED red if a Yale door lock is locked and green if the Yale lock is unlocked.

I’m just not sure if I have direct access to the LED or it it’s “hard coded” to say motion or temperature.

On that device, you can change the color, but not “on the fly.” It requires a reconfiguration of the firmware parameters, which requires physically manipulating the sensor, so couldn’t be used in the way you are imagining.

There are a number of other devices that you can use for a similar indicator, people most commonly use these to show whether the security mode is home or away. ( with these days of work at home and school at home, people are also looking for indicator lights for that purpose.)

if you’re interested in those take a look at the following.

The topic covers a number of different options, including making your own little light, light switches that have colored LEDs that you can control, a nightlight that switches color, etc.

Status Indicator Light

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Thanks for letting me know I don’t have control of the LED. Would have been a nice easy way to do an indicator.

I have seen that other thread, some interesting options but none that will quite work for what I need.

The closest things I’ve found so far is the Inovelli Red, I can control the indicator on it. But was hoping to not have to swap my light switch because it’s on a 3 way circuit and the switch I’d put it in doesn’t have the Line wire so I’d need to leave the other 3 way on permanently or get a special GE switch and do some rewiring.

Thanks again!

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