Newbie question: How to Disable Neo Motion Sensor LED with Fibaro DTH

I bought this motion sensor: NEO Model Compact Z-Wave Plus Easy Install

I like it but I need it to be stealthy, and unfortunately it flashes a red LED light every time it senses motion. I researched the issue in this community and found that someone was able to use a Fibaro device handler to disable the LED light.

I logged into my SmartThings IDE and under “From Template” I found a DTH named Fibaro Motion Sensor by SmartThings. I gazed through its code, but did not find anything there about an LED or red light.

Would someone please tell me where the red LED or ‘red light’ is in the code, and how to change the code in order to disable the red LED? I’ve never used a DTH before.

Thanks in advance.

Different manufacturers offer different configurable features on their devices. Fibaro, in particular, is famous for offering more configure options than almost anyone else.

A DTH is usually specific to a particular brand/model, in part for this reason. So it’s unlikely that the Fibaro DTH is going to help with a different brand. :disappointed_relieved:

The first thing to do is to check with the manufacturer of the model that you own and see what configuration options they offer with regard to their LED light. If they give you a specific parameter number and a value for it, then people here can help you write a DTH that would let you change its setting. But if the manufacturer doesn’t offer it, there’s nothing you can do just with software.

Another option that we use quite a bit at my own house is light blocking stickers. There are many brands of these, this is just the one that we use because it’s high-quality and it comes in white, silver, or black. This could be a quick and easy solution for some use cases.

Thanks JD! That’s a cool tip about the LightDims light blocking LED covers … I didn’t know those existed. I’ve been using electrical tape. I will probably get a package of the blackout ones. I’m pretty sure though that if I cover the part of the NEO sensor that lights up, with either LightDims or electrical tape, doing so will prevent the motion sensor from working. Because the entire top area of the motion sensor lights up … not just a small area. Thoughts?

As far as the DTH - I have just emailed the manufacturer asking for instructions on how to disable the LED. We’ll see what they say.

If the NEO manufacturer doesn’t offer a DTH or other solution, I still won’t lose hope. Others in this community were able to use either a Fibaro device handler or the ZooZ Mini Sensor DH, to disable the LED light of this NEO motion sensor, even though neither Fibaro nor ZooZ manufacture the NEO motion sensor, as far as I can tell. (I wasn’t able to find the ZooZ Mini Sensor DH in the list of brands in the SmartThings IDE list of templates, or I would have tried it.)

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Then I would ask your question in the thread where you saw the comments about using the DTH. That will get you the quickest answer. :sunglasses:

You’re right, if it’s not a separate indicator light but rather the entire sensor area that lights up, then you won’t be able to use the blackout stickers. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks JD, I did just that just now. :blush:

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