Can I add only listed devices in the new app?


I just noticed that the new smartthings app has a lot of devices listed when I tried “Add +”
It’s good if you have the exact matching product.

Unfortunately I couldn’t add my existing “GoControl WD500Z-1” switch.
And had to add using the classic app.

Is there a way to add this kind device using the new app ?

(Jimmy) #2

Selecting any z-wave or zigbee device in the list does a general inclusion, so picking would should work for all.


I’ve just tested it now.
I picked up “Enerwave” and added succeefully

( - Make your home your butler!) #4

Infact that should work for even custom device handlers. If you’ve preinstalled the custom device handler and the DTH has the device fingerprints, just pairing a device will make it automatically select that device handler and initialize the device accordingly.