CO2 Sensors for home

I have been searching online for a while now and i cannot find any home CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensors that work with smartthings. does anyone know of any that are available on the market?

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

It looks like Awair now has an official integration through the new V3 app, So I would start with that.:sunglasses:

You can also get a partial integration with anything with Ifttt.

In addition, there is a netatmo integration which is pretty popular, but does require custom code. Those devices are available in both the US and the UK.

Help locating CO2 Air Quality sensor

First Alert ZCombo is both a smoke and CO alarm. Costco has in the past have a 3 pack on sale for about $80.

Those are carbon monoxide detectors (CO), not carbon dioxide (CO2). Poison versus air quality.

Quite a few people are looking for carbon dioxide monitors right now because it can help tell you the rate of air exchange which is important for pandemic spread control. But then quite a few people say “carbon dioxide“ when they mean carbon monoxide. So it would be good to clarify with the OP exactly which they are looking for. :sunglasses:

Thanks. I corrected my comment. When I read the original post, while it said CO2, I was thinking CO.

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Here is a suggestion for how to connect existing alarms:

thanks for the tip. i have decided to give this one a go. I am in Australia.