New construction smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector

Apologies to post this question without searching the forum thoroughly. My contractor just called and said the electrician will be in next week to install all the light fixtures etc. Part of what he’s installing will be smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

I’d really like to be able to have these detectors integrate with Smartthings so if an alarm goes off I can get notifications and turn on lights etc.

Can someone please recommend a hardwired, inter-connected detector that will work for me? Much appreciated!

The only model that worked with interconnects was Halo, and sadly they’re out of business. If I was in your shoes, I would just get a listener for my dumb detectors:


Thanks Jimmy, what a clever solution! Now… I’ll just look for the best regular hardwired, inter-connected devices.

Does this require a custom DH? The product description on pages refer’s to Eric Maycock’s DH, but the product description on Amazon says that it’s supported natively. The Works with Smartthings page also seems to indicate it’s supported natively.

If you have Amazon Echo devices, Amazon is rolling out “Guard” - essentially Echo devices will listen for smoke alarms, glass shattering and send alerts. Not sure if it can integrate into SmartThings though.

it works natively as a “z-wave sound sensor”. But for some odd reason, SmartThings didn’t include smoke or CO detector capability in that device handler. So it won’t work with Smart Home Monitor with the default handler. You can do one of two things:

  1. Use @erocm1231 handler
  2. switch it to the z-wave smoke alarm handler

Both solutions above support Smoke and CO capability.


You could have your contractor installed this instead:


If the building code requires an interconnected detector, that one isn’t suitable. If this is in the US and it’s new construction or a major remodel, interconnected detectors are probably going to be required by the building code.


That’s correct, I purchased hardwired/interconnected devices and will use the Ecolink Firefighter. Thanks

We finally finished the house and have moved in. I have the Ecolink Firefighter mounted and it successfully detects a smoke alarm when I press the test button on one of my smoke detectors.

Now, I’m trying to set up an automation that will turn on lights if the smoke detectors go off. I can’t find a condition in the automation that allows me to trigger off of the Ecolink Firefighter.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Login to and try changing the device type to zwave smoke/co detector. Test again and then use Smart Home Monitor.

I have SHM installed and the Smoke shows OK. How do I trigger Automations off the SMH Status? Thanks a lot for replying!

Ok cool. In the new app, go to setting, choose set response and then you get options that include lights