Cammy Monitoring Service? (UK)

Hi All,

I am new to smartthings and this is my first post.

I come across from creating my own system using Home Assistant which is a pain to work with unless your a developer So smartthings is awesome and seems to have a great community.

Anyways sorry to ramble on I have come across a subscription based CCTV camera called Cammy ( and wondered if anyone knows if this could be integrated into ST?

Has anyone done this? or could someone take a look and advise if it could be done somehow?

Thank for any input.


Welcome! Cammy is a monitoring service, not a device. They use a variety of cameras made by other manufacturers. Right now in the UK they are featuring the penguin and the Nighthawk camera. But they can work with some other cameras as well.

If you want to use the smart home monitor feature of SmartThings, there is only a very small number of cameras that will allow you to view videos through the app. I don’t know if Cammy works with any of the SmartThings-supported models, but I think it might. I believe Cammy will work with any IP based camera.


So you would not be able to use the two cameras that Cammie is selling on their site. But you might be able to buy one of the cameras that works with SmartThings and then also use it with Cammy.

Here’s the unfortunate thing: what Cammy is really selling you is their own software which analyzes the photo stream from the camera and is supposed to reduce false alarms. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that feature will be available to the SmartThings’ use of the camera. One of the camera gurus would have to look at it and see.

So I think it quite likely that you could subscribe to the Cammy service, use a camera that would also work with SmartThings, and get monitoring alerts from Cammy while also being able to use the camera with the SmartThings smart home monitor feature. But I don’t think you’ll be able to use the Cammy “no false alerts” feature to screen out false alarms on the SmartThings’ side.

But hopefully some of the community members who do a lot with cameras would be able to say.

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Hi Buddy,

Thanks so much for your input. The thing that attracted me was the monthly subscription for the free cameras not really what was up offered in that subscription if that makes sense?!

I like the idea that I could use them in the ST app to keep an eye on my house and if something happened I would get a notification and could then use the Cammy app if needed,

I wasn’t that fussed about it being a security system type thing asking as me and the family could see a live feed from within ST. I am trying to make things easier for the Mrs mainly si there is only 1 app (smart things apps) but if needed I was able to access Cammy or whatever if it has to work along side.

Hope that makes sense

Thank again