Raspberry Pi Security/Monitor Cam

Hi guys. Total UK newbie to SmartThings, here.

We have recently bought a smartthings starter pack to enable us to monitor our 94 year old gran who has Alzheimer’s.

The motion sensor and door sensor is great, as well as the personal sensor which helps if she gets as far as wandering the streets.

What i would love is to be able to incorporate my existing raspberry pi into the SmartThings setup as a monitor camera. i.e. if she gets up in the night and triggers the motion sensor, I would like to just check the camera initially to ensure she is indeed the one who triggered the sensor (we have 2 children, a cat and a dog so false alarms are quite frequent).

I have a Pi 3 and a Noir camera (potentially with an infrared kit - not purchased yet but i might test the camera first before getting that). I am not too worried about motion triggering - just a straight live feed is fine.

This link gives me some information - Raspberry Pi Camera Integration - but i am not a great coder (why choose a PI then, i hear you all scream!) so it looks a little daunting.

Firstly… CAN it be done?
Secondly… Having set up the PI with something like MotionPi (or something else that one of you experts may know works better), how would i then integrate that into a SmartThings app that could display live images from the camera? Would i follow the same procedure in the above link or would i have to customise it further?
Thirdly… It needs to be viewable by my wife and mother-in-law so i need it to be a simple case of being able to click on the “SmartThings Camera App” and it just display. Anything more than that and i’m considered a dolt if it doesn’t work!!

I know i sound very needy but i would like to get this working if i could. Any hand holding would be very much appreciated!!!

Also, if this topic is placed incorrectly, please move as necessary.

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I suggest you use something like the Foscam C1, which is affordable and already integrated. It is possible to integrate a Pi camera, but why reinvent the wheel?

ST cannot display video from third-party cameras in the app. It can display still photographs. Is this enough for you? Accessing the photograph always take more than a few clicks.

The SmartTiles.click dashboard is a simple option that can display the current video feed, but it cannot display recorded video.

Not truly incorporate into SmartThings like SHM but I use my Ras Pi Camera via SmartTiles. for SmartThings.

Very to set-up. I use Motion Pie OS on my Ras Pi as the operating system (very easy to setup, simply flash micro SD with above OS and then setup via web interface). Works great! It is geared towards Security Camera / Video Streaming.


Thanks for replying guys.

jotto…Assuming you can just view the live streaming video from the SmartTiles link then that’s EXACTLY what i’m talking about.

So you literally set up Motion Pie as normal, including access via a web page and then set a tile to point to that page? Is that correct?

As i said in my post, i’m not great with these things… are you able to detail what you did at all, jotto?