Camera recommendations pet friendly

So I am in the process of converting from Lowe’s Iris to SmartThings. One of the reasons is for more compatibility with devices. I am seeking out a new camera for SmartThings and am looking for recommendations. I want something not too expensive (Foscam looks interesting). Something with recording options without paying for premium even if to an SD card. (Iris disabled the sd card slot so you have to pay for premium). Also, pet friendly motion detection would be nice so they don’t trigger alarms or recording. Would like to set a rule to record when an alarm is triggered but constant recording that overlaps the oldest recording could be good too. Appreciate any thoughts.

Is it essential to have ST Integration? If not, you may want to look at Wyzecam v2. $20 for a camera that offers free 14 day event clip cloud storage. Also, you can add a SD card to it for continuous recording.

It has IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integration. The team that develops it were all previous Amazon employees.

For $20, it is an amazing bargain and works extremely well for what it is designed to do.



You can create a virtual switch in SmartThings in order to integrate multiple cameras.
I would recommend Blink wireless camera. But I am biased and don’t like competitors.
That said you can use the virtual switch to also integrate the Wyzecam via IFTTT just like Blink.

For ST integration with pet and person recognition, local recording and no fee, look at Netatmo. Everything is encrypted and recorded on local SD cards in the cam and you can FTP to local or remote storage of your choice.

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Thanks I appreciate the responses so far. While it doesn’t have to be on the officially supported list SmartThings integration would be nice. I’ll check out the cam’s mentioned and using the virtual switch.