New SmartApp for roof heater/coil or any devices you want on/off within temp range and date range

Need a smart app with the following option:
Monitors either the weather app or a virtual device for temp and when between two values and the date is between x and y turns on a switch, and turns off the above conditions are no.longer met. An alert would be nice too.

Ok I wrote it myself and will be submitting for publication.

You need to select some temp. controller that has outside temp. I use the weather station/tile virtual device.

here is version 1 of the app.
But basically the app:

Turns one or more switches/outlets on if the temperature is between a range and the date
is also between a range.
Also turns off all switches/outlets if the above is not true.
Checks if already off or on so doesn’t do it more than once, or send more than one alert.

It also sends optional alerts and texts regarding what it is doing…


Great app. Would be better still is it incorporate time range (start time and end time each day) and day of week. nAlso suggest to publish app on Github. Thanks for sharing.