CalDAV Support

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #1

If we had a device-type that could subscribe to our calendars and retrieve a list of events for a given date range, our SmartApps could parse that list and issue various actions that would be applicable.

Now that’s Home Automation, and something I have not seen done in any other platform thus far. We all already keep a schedule of things, seems to me having it available to SmartThings would be a seriously cool feature.


(Corey McLaughlin) #2

I really like this idea. I can see it tied to my travel schedule and could change the modes based on me being gone.

(Brian Smith) #3

Cool idea. Would require people to put locations in the calendar so ST would know where the person was or was going. But, I do like the idea as something that, if used properly, could set ST apart from others.

The question is, though…do people maintain their calendars that well? Also, what about multiple calendars? For example, I have a work calendar on our Exchange server and a iCloud calendar.

(Taryn Brice Rowland) #4

I’ve been thinking about this myself.

It’s rough on a holiday to be waken up at 6:30 in the morning because I forgot to stop my light and weather report from turning on…

(Geko) #5

MCV Vera has had Google Calendar plugin forever. :smile:
I switched to SmartThings because Vera software development is all but stalled, but the truth is that ST still has a lot of catch-up to do.

(Taryn Brice Rowland) #6

A Google Calendar plugin would be amazing…

While ST may need to get caught up in some areas, fortunately, they seem to be moving forward with development at a ridiculous pace.

(Amauri Viguera) #7

I keep several calendars as well, and I maintain them meticulously. I use TripIt a lot, so their rss feed going into a separate Google calendar comes in handy, plus a separate calendar for conferences when I’m on the road.

I think it would be useful to have this type of integration, but for now this can be supplemented with other tools like IFTTT and / or even apps like Saga / Foursquare, which keep track of your location and you can perform actions against that.

Right now I have an IFTTT recipe that keeps track of my Foursquare check-ins, and if I check in at an airport it will display a notification on my phone to remind me to set the house mode to “On the Road”

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #8

I am wondering why this is happening. Any thoughts?

(Geko) #9

I have no idea, but my “usual suspects” are: mismanagement, underinvestment and lack of commitment :smile: It seems that software and hardware development have split at some point. The hardware arm (Mi Casa Verde) does not have expertise to develop software and the software arm (MiOS) was hoping to make money by licensing their OS to OEMs, but was not able to generate enough outside interest and revenue to continue development.