Public calendar for SmartThings developer events

Dear community,

In 2015, we’re going to do a better job of event planning. If you want to keep up with which events are sponsoring and participating in, add this Google Calendar to your account:

Please reply to this thread with suggestions for events you want us to participate in.

Also, we’re building out an ambassador program that lets you represent us at hackathons, meetups and other developer events.


Can “anyone” join this Thursday? Call or on location or ?

Heavybit Industries Inc, 325 9th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



Thanks! I’ll pencil it in and try to join.

The shared calendar is a great idea!

…CP / Terry.

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Can you post a URL for iCal?

iCal feed
https ://

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@mager Any ST’rs going to Treehack? My son is signing up.

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Yep, we want to make it a big event :slight_smile:

sounds fantastic, i look forward to hopefully seeing some in the north of the uk in time to come

Would it be possible to fix the duplicate entries on the calendar?

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@kelchm thanks for calling that out. It should be fixed now.


Perhaps you can use this calendar to communicate planned maintenance and link to the maintenance details that are appropriate to share (eg. fixes and features). Would help to continue building customer connections.


Does it make sense to keep pinned?
It isn’t updated since 2017.


@JDRoberts can you unpin this outdated topic?

Sorry, that would take an admin. You can flag the topic and add a note and someone will look at it eventually. :thinking:


I am totally confused. I don’t know where to begin after you opened by talking about your bank. First question - do you use SmartThings or have Samsung products? If you do not have either then you are on the wrong forum. If you do, please provide more details on what devices you have and the exact issue you are seeing. I doubt you were hacked.