C2C Integration - multiple users for account linking and interactions

I am using a developer account and created cloud connector. I am trying cloud connected device integration.
Currently i am creating a PoC to integrate devices from my cloud platform to SmartThings.
I am using nodejs st-schema library and webhook implementation for the same.

With the developer account, i created few device profiles (with production capabilities).
Everything works fine (user account linking, interactions like discovery response, command, state refresh, etc.,) for a single user (created via developer account). I could see and control devices from SmartThings App only if i login via this single user.
Is there some way to add multiple different users so that i can verify user account linking and other interactions per user?

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can invite other users to test your Schema Integrations using the CLI

$ smartthings invites:schema:create

Official documentation

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I would like to simulate a real world scenario where in i want multiple users to login via the smartthings app and able to link their accounts. Each user shall have their own set of devices.
Is this possible with a developer account?

Sorry for the delay, there should not be any problems with the developer option, but if you see any error feel free to contact us.