Hue bulb will join ST v1 hub and Hue Bridge, but not ST v2 Hub (inc logs)

Almost finished with migrating from a SmartThings v1 to a v2 hub. Only device that’s given me problems is one of my three gen 1 Hue color bulbs. I’ve reset it using a Lutron Connected Bulb remote, re-paired it to my old v1 hub, added it back to the Hue Bridge, stolen and reset it with the Lutron remote and any other trick I could find reading the support forum. What seems to happening is the v2 hub sees the bulb during pairing but it doesn’t create a visible Thing that I can then edit in the IDE. I see zbjoin, Device Created, and Thing Added events in the log for the hub (attached), but no Thing ever appears.

Thinking there was chance that a hidden device was being created in the background that could be made visible, I contacted support. Support helpfully let me know that I needed to use the Hue Bridge–which obviously isn’t true since I had all three bulbs directly connected to my v1 Hub and the other two are working fine on the v2.

Any ideas?

Did you also removed the bulbs in V1 hub as well or just stole it with the lutron remote?
I would remove the bulb in the ST Apps, reset the bulb with the remote, disconnect power to both V1 hub and hue bridge and try discovery with v2 hub.
Sound unlikely but maybe because the zigbee ID of the bulb is still with V1 hub and it won’t allow you to add to v2 hub on the same account? I am just guessing. I can’t confirm this. :grimacing:

Tried both removing and stealing from the v1 hub and Hue Bridge, same behavior. Also, forgot to mention that I set up my v2 hub on a separate, brand new SmartThings account to avoid any potential problems with 2 hubs on one account…

Forgot to mention you need to pair the bulb close to the hub and some people did have issue with WiFi interference as well. Maybe your v2 hub has the same channel? How about disable wifi and give it a try.