Buyers (and Sellers) of GE Zwave Devices Beware

Yesterday I went to Lowes (in NYC) to buy 4 GE in-wall zwave dimmers. When I opened them, 3 out of the 4 boxes contained basic, non-zwave devices (I don’t think they were even GE). The manager tried to tell me that the dimmers were the correct ones - so I had to explain real GE zwave devices would contain the zwave logo. We then opened the remaining GE boxes that Lowes had on its shelves, and about 1/2 of them were fakes. None of the boxes looked like they had been previously opened. It was clearly a professional job.


Same thing happened to me in Colorado, except the clear round tape holding the boxes together had obviously been opened. I had to show the manager that the model id on the printed sticker (on the back of the device) was for the accessory switch vs. z-wave dimmer. This happened to me twice, I reported it to manager and the store simply placed the product I returned back on the shelf for somebody else to figure out…

Same her, So Cal. 12722 box had a standard light switch. It was an obvious return/open box, but someone had flipped the switch and ripped off Lowes with a faked return.

I open all boxes at register before taking home now.

I had the same thing in Birmingham, Alabama… except it was with iris contact sensors.

I bought several boxes that all looked unopened. I got home and found then empty.

The store didn’t give me any problems returning them.

But I learned this, every box gets opened before I pay for, and it doesn’t matter what it is.

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less severe issue, but the last batch i bought from Lowes I discovered when I got home that about half of them had broken security tape on the boxes. They had real zwave switches inside, however on each of those that were open I had one heck of a time pairing them. Evidently someone had already paired them because I had to run the exclude reset on them before they would pair. They still work fine to this day but I learned my lesson. I would have returned them but it was late and I was knee deep in an install.

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