Buy/use smartthings in Mexico?

Anyone know where I could buy smartthings in Mexico. For what I know is not yet supported here and I have not been able to find it at any store so I am trying to buy it in Amazon USA but they are not shipping to Mexico then I tried in Amazon Mexico and the price is double than in Amazon USA.
And another question is if smartthings will work in Mexico or will it detect IP and then block it?

It will work.
U just need to check if the Z-wave frequency is the same as US

I have checked and is the same. I hope they release in Mexico soon. Thanks


321 blast off

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Hi, Aldo.
I have been using SmartThings in Mexico for two years now and it works just fine.
I live on the border with the US, so if you need help buying stuff from Amazon US Ill help you out.


Hi Jorge
Due to Smartthings always need a internet conection and cannot work locally I am still unsure between smartthings and Vera. I really Appreciate your help!!