Button Controller SmartApps

First of all let’s leave aside problem with “button controller” SmartApps from ST that I can’t install it from my android.
The only way to install it and make my Aeon Minimote working is install via WEB-IDE

I want to create custom command based on this SmartApps, I want to change the color of my Hue bulb, when I pressed or hold the minimote button.
Anyone can help me with this little problem ?

In other SmartApp I use this command to change color of my Hue

switches.setColor([hue: 60, saturation: 4, level: dimLevelOn])

I can’t “leave this aside”, as my Aeon Minimotes can be attached to the Button Controller SmartApp just fine, last time I checked, and that’s somewhat an important first step.

The code for the SmartApp, though, is public and pretty straightforward… Have you looked at it as a baseline for enhancements?

Let me know when you’ve looked at the code and we can talk about where your desired new options might fit?

Should let support know. I just reinstalled the app 3 days ago with the latest android app with no problem.

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@tgauchat @Navat604 Already told this problem to ST support. But they can’t solve it yet, it seems it because my custom ROM on my android, I already give all information that I have to them, but still no answer to solve this for me.

For now, it’s important to make some changes to this smartapp.
sorry @tgauchat I don’t understand with “baseline for enhancements” you say

and yes, I need some clue to customize smartapp based on Button Controller SmartApps. Need to send color change to my hue when I press or hold minimote

I mean log into the IDE, load up a copy of the standard Button Controller SmartApp code into the editor, and try to figure out how it works, so you can figure out how to enhance it.

Already do that, I try to put some custom command to that code to create what I want, but have not success yet
Still don’t get the work flow of the code, hehe :grin:

No problem… It’s good to take a little time to learn.

Paste your code here or on GitHub.com
or Message me and perhaps we Skype sometime and screen share.

To paste code here surround it with three back quotes at beginning and end…

Code here.