Bug: YeeLight devices always offline

BTW still there is no offical solution from SmartThings.

If I don’t change anything just “edit” then “update” won’t be online.

Facing the same issue here. Thanks to all above for the workaround above updating the lights to “Simulated RGBW Bulb”, that got my lights back online. Pretty frustrating issue though!

My 3 yeelight lights all become offline in the ST app, but automations still work. The yeelight app yesterday was offline for some hours but came online and in ST still offline. May it be a server problem?

Send ticket to smartthings guys we must make our voices heard.


All my lights remain offline no matter what I do… 5 minutes online too and then…
Im already thinking switching to philips!

I have sent a ticket to ST, will see what they come back with and update here. Others should submit a ticket too!

How do we do that? Doesn’t seem to be that obvious…

Since the last Hub update I have exactly the same problem: all my seven colour 1S bulbs and two light strips are offline. Frustrating!

Today my lights come back online.

That is your lights’ type? Placeholder or Simulated RGBW?

2 lights as rgbw light and 1 was placeholder, that I forgot to change to rgbw light.

no such luck with me!

I sent the ticket through the mobile app.

I originally used the website while logged in, but got a reply saying to send through mobile app as it’ll go to the right people.

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That worked! Finally, I got an email and my problem magically was resolved… Let’s see how long it lasts this time…
Anyway, thank you so much!

How did you do it? Can u give us more detail please?

  1. Open the SmartThings app and tap Menu on the left
  2. Tap ‘Contact/Help’
  3. Tap ‘Report a problem’
  4. Accept the permissions for creating a log file
  5. App will be redirected to the SmartThings FAQs page
  6. Tap on Contact us / Error reports from the bottom of the page
  7. Submit

My lights came back online after your post.

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