Bug: YeeLight devices always offline

Hello, i am using YeeLight smart bulbs. For 3 days my all lights gone offline and never come back. I realized in SmartThings web my lights types seen “placeholder”. I checked out the list and i didn’t found YeeLight or something closer to that type. In my opinion there is an error between SmartThings and YeeLight services. If anyone use same bulbs can u tell me what is your types? Thanks

All cloud to cloud integrations now have the “placeholder“ type. you connect to the integration through the app by connecting to your account for that device manufacturer.

It’s already connected with manufacturer service. Also i tried remove and reconnect it.

same for me, but strangely only 3 of the 4 appear offline all of the time now.
I have 2 lights showing as yeelink.light.colour1 and 2 lights showing as yeelink.light.colour2 according to device info in the Yeelight App.

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Today, i struggled on SmartThings Web. I tried changed type of my YeeLight bulb with every bulb option in list. Finally i found an option bring my bulb back online. I changed type to “Simulated RGBW Bulb” and my bulbs came back online. Now my belief that this is due to the platform has become definite. There is an bug about this and it needs to be fixed immediatly.


I have the same problem with Yeelight for the last few days, existing automation works, bulbs show offline state. Deleted devices and recreated Yeelight connections and automations. Correct state for a day and now 4/5 bulbs are showing as offline. The bulbs appear and operate correctly in the Yeelight app.

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yea its certain bug. Did u try my solution?

Yes I did. The bulbs showed as online, but they would not respond to on/off. I would get a “network error has occured” message. I have changed it back to “placeholder” for now.

Tried changing to Simulated RGBW Bulb again, this time it is working. Thanks for the suggestion.

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It works! Thanks for the solution. ‘Simulated white color temperature bulb’ DTH is also good for yeelight white bulbs.

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It works! Thank you so much!
Now, only the yeelight strips show offline…
Do you happen to have any idea?

If u just update device on SmartThings Web with no changes , device comes online on SmartThings app. I am developer also. I am going to do a little program that will update device page every 10 sec. Until SmartThings resolve this issue/bug we can use on this way.

haven’t really tried that, you have right!
but then, what a pain to keep them online, these things should come with no try…
If you could just do provide a solution, I’d be really grateful!
(I don’t really think there will be an official solution, it’s been a while already!)

Okay then. I did it! Here is the little guide how can you guys use this tiny tool for keep lights online in SmartThings App. This tool will update devices automatically in period of time.

  1. Download .zip file and extract to your Desktop.
  2. Open extracted folder and open credentials.txt file.
  3. Write your Samsung Account email and password that file you opened. Because of two factor based authentication we need to get back up codes. (From your phone; Settings > Samsung Account > Security Settings > Two Factor Authentication > Backup Codes). Then write your backup codes line by line without “-” sign.
  4. Save and close “credentials.txt”.
  5. Open “yeelight.txt” file and go your Device List page on SmartThings web interface.
  6. Right mouse click on your yeelight device and “Copy link adress” and paste into “yeelight.txt”.
  7. Do it every device you have. Then save and close it.
  8. Run “KeepSmartThingsOnline.exe” and have fun.

Note 1: Each back up code is for single use only. When all the codes in the file are used, you must add a new one.
Note 2: This solution is not an offical and use this solution at your own risk.


Thank you so much for your effort and for sharing! You must be very good at programing!
Anyway, I cannot try this solution of yours because I no more use a desktop (so that I keep it on all the time), and my device of choice is a chromebook (so I cannot use an .exe file).
But your program should be useful to someone else here!
For the time being, I’ll have to stay with the temporary solution of changing each bulb’s type…
Anyway, thank you once again!

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Same story again, 4 out 5 lights are showing offline! No changes at my end. Changed back to “placeholder” and then back to “Simulated RGBW bulb” works fine.

For me, the mobile app (android) only does this if it has been turned off for a long time (power off). The “Simulated RGBW bulb” and then the “placeholder” work well again. This preserves automatic processes.

Hi, ive had the same issue and its been driving me crazy. Could you please give me access to the drive file? I’d love to try it.
Also, can you share some insight how you were able to automatically push those changes? Not really familiar with the smartthings environment but I presume you are using the API to push those changes?
I might be able to port this into a more universal platform like python if you can share some more details how youre accomplishing this

You dont need to switch types between placeholder and simulated RGBW bulb, just go edit device page and click “Update” is will be enough.

Its just a small program based selenium that does user work automatically. Login with backupcodes and update devices every 90secs periodically.