Any device handlers and smartapps for the YEELIGHT Smart Wifi LED Light Strip?

It’s compatible with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa. Does anyone have it working with Smartthings by chance? I’d like to have it alert colours at my computer desk so if i’m playing with headphones on I know if someone has entered the house or is at the door.

Example link to product:

I haven’t seen any yet. I use IFTT to toggle a virtual switch to turn them on/off.

has anyone tried this on github?

was looking at it, but i haven’t tried it yet. I was a bit confused with it.

turns out yeelight had it almost completed and gave up …

“Actually I also contacted them for a official integration, but the response is that they don’t have a plan to work with companies outside US and South Korea …”

here are there files they started on if anyone can finish the work?

This is I tried an earlier version it works but it cannot sync the state of the yeelight if you use other means to control it like Alexa or Google assistant

Has anyone got any further doing this (creating a smartapp) with no discovery, just manual input of IP addresses ?

I currently use an ST simulated switch and the eventghost smartapp “send events to eventghost”.
I then use the yeelight python library in eventghost to switch on/off/dim the yeelight, using a python script and manually entered IP addresses and not using any discovery. Works OK but no feedback to ST if lights are switched on using the Yeelight APP.

Can you teach me how to do this? Thank you.

Sure, have you used eventghost before ? Have you an always on PC ?

Hi guys,

I see that this is an old thread but I was thinking to try, does anybody managed to implement this with ST?
@ spyd4r did you managed somehow to integrate it?


i’m also keen to see this work… i have a couple of strips running and would love it to be integrated into smartthings directly…

Give this a try, All Yeelights seem to have the same API:


I’m looking for help to modify holdestmade DH so it will fit better for the non colored ceiling lamps.
I’m wondering if instead of colors we can have some predefined scene like Movie time, Night mood etc’.

Hope some one would be able to help.


Hi, sorry, I no longer have a Smartthings hub so can longer make any changes to the DTH. If you look at the code, for the colours it is pretty self-explanatory so would be quite easy to amend/add/remove colour buttons

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They added native support in the new app


The built in option now for Yeelight works perfectly in smartthings but I can’t get it to work properly via voice control on Alexa.

It sees it OK in Alexa and can monitor the state but any changes I ask Alexa to do (on/off etc) don’t go through.

Interestingly I just installed the DH listed here and it works really well - although colour changes don’t seem to work.

Anyone else experience this type of problem? I’ve done all the normal resets/reinstall etc.


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I have the same problem Google home voice control of ST however it only works some times. Works perfectly once I go in to the smartthings app. But alas again I got an issue there it seems that off and on in the scenes only register as opposite of their current value so of I set it to off while being off it turns on.

I have a problem here, the yeelight works fine only in smartthings new app, not in the classic app, any help appreciated.

If you’re using the official integration, that is normal.