Any device handlers and smartapps for the YEELIGHT Smart Wifi LED Light Strip?


It’s compatible with IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa. Does anyone have it working with Smartthings by chance? I’d like to have it alert colours at my computer desk so if i’m playing with headphones on I know if someone has entered the house or is at the door.

Example link to product:

(Jon Rohan) #2

I haven’t seen any yet. I use IFTT to toggle a virtual switch to turn them on/off.


has anyone tried this on github?


was looking at it, but i haven’t tried it yet. I was a bit confused with it.


turns out yeelight had it almost completed and gave up …

“Actually I also contacted them for a official integration, but the response is that they don’t have a plan to work with companies outside US and South Korea …”


here are there files they started on if anyone can finish the work?

(Zen) #7

This is I tried an earlier version it works but it cannot sync the state of the yeelight if you use other means to control it like Alexa or Google assistant

(Simon Tether) #8

Has anyone got any further doing this (creating a smartapp) with no discovery, just manual input of IP addresses ?

I currently use an ST simulated switch and the eventghost smartapp “send events to eventghost”.
I then use the yeelight python library in eventghost to switch on/off/dim the yeelight, using a python script and manually entered IP addresses and not using any discovery. Works OK but no feedback to ST if lights are switched on using the Yeelight APP.

(Harvey Balce) #9

Can you teach me how to do this? Thank you.

(Simon Tether) #10

Sure, have you used eventghost before ? Have you an always on PC ?