Bug When Adding Any New Device

Any device that I have paired since my firmware was upgraded is showing as unconfigured even after I have set the name and clicked save. I have to go back into the device, name it again, change the icon again and click save again. The settings are not sticking after pairing.

@jody.albritton Something weird is definitely going on… Was able to add a Fibaro door/window after attempting a hundred times… Any post update Fibaro motion Sensors totally fails to configure completely… And for some reason everything is much slower for me since the update (rebooted not just the hub but the entire network)… Pairing gets stuck at configure…: in the logs…: zwave repair completes though but the Zwave devices are much slower to respond now than before.

Yep. The fibaros are not configuring for me either, but this seems to have spread to other devices. I added several zwave devices over the last 24 hours and they have all had issues after pairing. My aeon smart energy switches paired as energy monitoring switch but they failed to configure and only show on/off as an attribute.

Will check mine. I think I have lost the ability to control GE link bulbs too which may be unrelated.

Could this be the same issue? – But it’s a ZigBee device (SmartSense Multi…).

Is there a support ticket? – No problems reported on the Status webpage… http://status.smartthings.com/


I added a multi-sensor today without an issue…

I just added 2 Ecolinks and 4 GE wall switches without a problem. My hub is on v000.013.00013

I created a ticket at the same time as the post. I have confirmed the bug by removing and re-adding devices. They do not keep the name or icon that is created during the pairing process. The devices show up as unconfigured after the wizard completes.

I got back control on zigbee GE links by removing the bulb off the socket twice for few seconds and I kid you not.

Ecolink motions were two of the devices I had the problems with.

I am on firmware 000.012.00074

@jodyalbritton, I was on your version not too long ago and I certainly didn’t have the same problems as what you’re experiencing. I sure hope ST support can help. I know a few of my Ecolinks (I have a lot) were a challenge to include, but they eventually joined.

@johnconstantelo They are joining just fine, event at great distances. The problem is that during the pairing wizard it asks you to name the device and then offers some example things you might want to do. I got through all of that and the device pairs, but it does not keep the name I set. The device defaults back to z-wave motion detector and is listed as unconfigured.

Definitely a bug.

@jodyalbritton, I think I understood your problem correctly, I just meant to pass along those sensors can be a PITA at times. Like you said, that is definitely a bug somewhere.

I’m wondering if the update for the hub also needs sync’d with some other back end update on ST’s end, and that may not be working right. Seems like there’s a lot of people with so many firmware versions out there.