Bug in new Z-Wave Lock DTH

@duncan @Brad_ST @Tyler with the new Z-Wave Lock DTH there’s an issue. It doesn’t report if codes are deleted from the lock all the time.

In lines 776 and 808 it reports:

map.isStateChange = false

It’s suppressing the notifications that codes are deleted/unset. This bug was also there in the original DTH which I believe that @duncan/@workingmonk had investigated and then fixed.

These notifications are critical for proper confirmation that codes have been removed/unset from the lock even and should be passed onto the SmartApp and not suppressed.

This was originally patched here:


I’ve submitted a patch for this:

It’s creating havoc with existing SmartApps.

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We’ve added some reviewers to the pull request. Thanks for submitting it - it’s makes it really easy for us :slight_smile: .


And you thought your last week would be a quiet one :grin:


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