Hue Whites off colour on Smart Lighting

I’ve just received my SmartThings Start Kit and decided as a first experiment to use the Open Close sensor and Smart Lighting to turn on some Hue lights. (Using default SmartApps)

It is working ok other than the light is turning on coloured when most of the white settings are used
‘Soft White - Default’ & ‘Warm White - Relax ’ produce green, ’ Daylight - Energize’ produces cyan while ‘White - Concentrate’ looks about right.

It sounds the same as the below issue reported in August but that was patched at the time.

Could it be the patch hasn’t installed on the newly set up hub - online for a couple of hours - and is there anything I can do to force a patch to be installed? Hub says it is on 000.016.00009 and Hue on 01036562.

When using the light control panel under My Home > Things every thing seems to be fine. If I open the colour picker when the Smart Lighting action is active it shows the colour selected as green or cyan so it seems to be an issue coming from Smart Lighting rather than any issue between the hub and Hue.

Thanks for any help you can offer. I looking forward to learning how to make the most of SmartThings but was hoping not to hit an issue quite this early!

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Are you using the turn on, or turn on and set level, turn on and set color command in Smartlighting ? Normally if just using " turn on" the lights will turn on in their last state.

It is indeed possible that your hub has not installed all of the updates if it was just set up.

Yes, using turn on and set color. I’ll try to stick with the turn on option for now and see if it fixes it self after being on longer. Thank you

Just set them to the color you want ( either in ST or in Hue ) then have ST just turn on. , leave the colors alone unless you want to change them. :wink:

I’ve experienced the same problem, got a new Hue color ambiance for my daughter’s bedroom, and a lifx color 1100 for our master bedroom. I’ve tried turn on and set color to “soft white”, and both bulbs seem to come on with that sickly green color.

I have it set up this way so that any odd lighting color changes that were previously made will not be carried through the normal operation of my light schedule. I really don’t need my sunset lights to come on and have the bulbs be deep sea blue, just because we were playing around with it the previous night.

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The continued lack of a color-correction system in ST is mystifying.

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I’m having the same issue.

My Setup is almost 6 months old. Hub Firmware up to date.
Never been able to get the “Warm White” to show anything but an off Green when used with “Turn On & Set Colour”.

I think its as simple as changing the code in the default ‘SmartLighting’ App, but obviously none of us have access to that.

If anyone can recommend a custom app that does everything ‘SmartLighting’ does (that’s equally simple) that would solve it.

Well this is strange, I’ve had my Hue setup for about a year, just added 6 spots and 1 colour lamp to the existing 5 lamps, the spots work as expected, the colour lamp is showing this green colour instead of warm - relax as above. Thing is my other lamps that work have the same Smart Lighting setup, activated by motion to “turn on and set colour” but yet this one lamp isn’t working correctly and out of 12 lamps one has this issue and is the newest. I suspect some code level but can’t see a way to force hue to update the lamp.

Working s/w version:
not working s/w version: 1.15.2_r19181

Anyone get a resolution to this issue?
I recently got a new pair of colour hue lights, and noticed this very same issue. The new hue bulbs are the new version (v3) with richer colour, model Lct010.
I have the older version of the colour hues v2 model lct007. The older version still work fine with regards to shades of white I.e energise, soft white, concentrate etc. However the newer bulbs all give a green shade as everyone describes.
Looks like ST hasn’t accommodated the updates for the new richer colour hue bulbs?

Anyone got an update on this?