Budget lux sensor that works locally (EU)?

The only lux sensor I know of that might have a local operation is the Sensative zwave strip. It is available in Europe, but it’s not inexpensive. And you’d have to confirm that it offers local operation with SmartThings. :thinking: but it does work without requiring custom code.


@iharyadi ’s Zigbee mains powered device has been a popular budget zigbee multi sensor, but I think it requires a custom DTH. So not local at this time.

The Aqara light sensor and the hue multi sensor are other zigbee multi sensors that work with smartthings, but also require custom code.

So I just don’t know anything that meets both your requirements for price and local operation at this time on the smartthings platform. I’m not sure there is a stock Zigbee lux sensor DTH.

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